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On Set of the Fall 2013 Home Depot 'Ryobi One' National Commercial

JJ’s Eighth Commercial – The Fall 2013 Home Depot ‘Ryobi One’ National Ad

JJ celebrates the family’s new deck by playing football in the backyard with ‘dad’.  

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Filming the first commercial in the JJ the Jack's Kid series.

JJ’s Ninth Commercial – JJ the Jack’s Kid and the Rocket Launch

JJ sends a Jack’s hamburger to space, because astronauts deserve a good burger.  

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Filming JJ the Jack's Kid and His Girlfriend

JJ’s Tenth Commercial – JJ the Jack’s Kid and His Girlfriend

This is the most reluctant commercial JJ has ever shot. He’s at that age where girls are gross and he does NOT want a girlfriend. None the less, he came through like a champ.  

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JJ in Jack's Holiday Commercial

JJ’s Fourth TV Commercial – Jack’s Family Restaurants Carolers with JJ Jones

Hii-yaa! Filmed on JJ’s fifth birthday, this has become one of Jack’s most popular holiday commercials.  

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A Light in the Night with JJ Jones

JJ’s Third TV Commercial – A Light in the Night

JJ’s third commercial was launching a new glowing stuffed animal called “A Light in the Night”. As JJ points out, “It comes with a book!”  

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JJ’s Second TV Commercial – Moe’s Southwest Grill

JJ’s second commercial correctly cast him as a “creative genius” this time showing the Great Moe-ments in Life for Moe’s Southwest Grill.  

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Hub Network and Chuck the Truck Commercial with JJ Jones

JJ’s First TV Commercial – Chuck the Truck and The Hub Network

The very first TV commercial JJ ever shot was for a promotion on the Hub Channel with Chuck the Truck.  

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