JJ Jones is represented by J.Pervis Talent Agency. For booking information:

Special Talents and Interests: Speaks Some German, Large Vocabulary, Loves Animals, Memorizes Well, Follows Direction, Video Games, Swimming, Running, Jumping, Climbing, Reading, Karaoke, Drawing Dragons and Robots

JJ Jones (Actor)

JJ Jones is a film and stage actor based in the Atlanta, GA metro area. With numerous television commercial credits and a couple of feature length film appearances, he has gained much experience in his short career. For booking information contact his agents at J. Pervis Talent Agency.

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JJ's TV Commercials

JJ Jones has been featured in a number of television commercials. Here you will find a time line of his various TV commercials, videos of the ones that have been released, and additional information.

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JJ's Movies

JJ Jones has appeared in small roles in a few featured films. Find more information about his roles, the movies themselves, and their release dates.

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Random Quote from JJ

Xander doesn't want to play football because he wants to be on the same team, but to play football you have to play on a different team because the animals are not playing.